Foreign language books of the author




LUTTE CONTRE L'ABSURDITÉ DE L'EXISTENCE HUMAINE  [transl. by Judith Lukovsky - Bibliogr.: p. 69-72 ]. Greenwood Lake, New York, United States, 1989. French.


BOR'BA S ABSURDNOST'U CELOVECESKOGO SUSESTVOVANIA  [perevod Zuza Ujsasi]. Grinvud Lejk : Evropienkalcer Press, 1989. [Greenwood Lake, NY] Russian.


AVTOSTOPPOM PO AMERIKE   [perevod Zuza Ujsasi]. - Grinvud Lejk [Greenwood Lake, NY : Published by European Culture Press, 1991. - 160 p. ; 18 cm.)  Russian.


MICROCOSMOS [Selected fictions]. - Published in Budapest, Hungary. 1984. Printed by the Szolnoki Nyomda, Szolnok, Hungary. ISBN 963-500-256-4.   Hungarian.


ARPEGGIO [Selected  essays  and studies]  Budapest,  Hungary.  1984.  Printed  by  the  Szolnoki Nyomda, Szolnok, Hungary.  ISBN 963-500-255-6.   Hungarian.

DECRESCENDO [Selected librettos, filmscripts, dark comedies, etc.] Budapest,  Hungary.  2010. Published by the Europeanculture Press, 354 p. ; 14 cm. Hungarian.


FIVE CHRISTMAS ESSAYS [Selected  essays] Published in Greenwood Lake, N.Y. United States of America: Europeanculture Press, 1995. 67 p. 20 cm. Hungarian.


ZIGZAG RUSH AROUND THE GLOBE Published in Greenwood Lake, N.Y. United States of America: Americanculture Press, 1995. - 60 p. ; 18 cm. Hungarian.


HITCHHIKING ACROSS  AMERICA Published in Greenwood Lake, N.Y. United States of America : Europeanculture Press, 1995. 298 p., IX fol. ; 19 cm. Hungarian.


FOUR PLAYS Published in Greenwood Lake, N.Y. USA. : Europeanculture Press,1988. 127 p. 20 cm. Content: Carlsbad, Opium, Roulette, Morfium.  Hungarian. 


FOLLOWING THE CLASSIC AUTHORS  [Selected  essays  and studies] Greenwood Lake, N.Y. United States: Europeanculture Press, 1988. 215 p. 21 cm. Hungarian.

WORKSHOP IN DEBRECEN Published in Debrecen,  Hungary.  1985.  Printed  by  the  Alfoldi Nyomda, Debrecen, Hungary. Bibl. edition, 123 p. ; 7x5 cm. Hungarian.


VERSEGHY'S LIBRARY Published in Budapest,  Hungary.  1985.  Printed  by  the  Pecsi Nyomda, Pecs, Hungary. 103 p. ; 20 cm.   ISBN 963-500-255-6.   Hungarian.


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