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MICROCOSMOS The best of the scientific essays and studies of the author in the field of the Humanities. Shorter version: CHORDS OF SCALES, Warwick, N.Y. Universe Publishing 1995. 107 p.; 21 cm. Arrival series. Content: STUDIES ABOUT THE MODERN POETRY Poem-miniatures ARTS & CRAFTS The Pottery of the Woodlands of Orseg SOCIOLOGY A Generation Gone  LIFESTYLE & BEHAVIOR Sindbad, the Sailor of the Dreams PAINTING & SCULPTURING Piet Mondrian PHILOSOPHY Struggling against the Absurdities of the Human Status  BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS Roulette, etc. ISBN 963 550072 6. - Library of Congress Control No.: 2003278749 


MACROCOSMOS The best of the scientific essays and studies of the author  in the field of the  Natural Sciences. Due to royalty regulations not available at recent.






THE ABSURDITY OF OUR EXISTENCE (A book about the eternal problem of philosophy. Greenwood Lake, N.Y. United States : 1988. - 52 p. ; 22 cm). Content: CHAPTER I. The Basic Concepts : What is Humanization, About the Legitimacy of the Humanization, Humanization and Absurdity, Absurd Drama as a Collection of Arguments. CHAPTER II. Arguments in the Absurd Dramas: Levels and Variations, Level of the Ultimate Arguments. CHAPTER III. Counter-arguments to the Arguments of Absurdity: Humanization of the Death, Humanizing the Passage of Time, Humanization of the Human Bondage to Body and Soul, Humanizing the Condition Deriving from Partial Obscurity of the World. CHAPTER IV. Conclusion.(Book establishes a new discipline of philosophy: Humanology) LCC No.:90230815


HUMANOLOGY (Turning the oppositions of the philosophy, matter vs spirit, materialism vs idealism, possibility of knowledge vs impossibility of knowledge, etc.,  to one ultimate opposition :   possibility  of  humanization of the world  vs  impossibility  of  humanization  of  the  world.)  Not  available  in  the recent time.






THREE DRAMAS (Greenwood Lake, New York. United States : printed in 1989.) Library of Congress Control No.: 918153912. Content: Carlsbad, Opium, Roulette.


AROUND THE GLOBE (Subtitle:  New world,  New feeling,  New generation), Greenwood Lake, New York, USA: Americanculture Press, 1995.) ISBN 963 550069 6.






PROGRAMME 1  (Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, United States of America, Globe Publish House, 1998.)  ISBN 963 550070 X.  CHAPTERS:  Starvation, Exploitation,  Terrorism, Manipulations, etc. In cooperation with FRIEDRICH DÜRRENMATT, WILLY BRANDT, EDWARD TELLER, ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER, AUDREY HEPBURN, others.


PROGRAMME 2 (Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, United States of America, Globe Publish House, 1998.) ISBN 963 550071 8. CHAPTERS: Artistry, Morality, Beauty, Erudition, Charity, Memory, etc. In  cooperation with NORMAN MAILER, YEHUDI MENUHIN, VÁCLAV HAVEL, BOHUMIR HRABAL, MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI and others MOTTO of this book: The influence of novels and poems are weakened in our century.Therefore,beside traditional ways of writing, it is reasonable to open an additional creative path to influence events around us. That is, the expressing the messages of our prospective creations by direct acting, by establishments, foundations, service groups of those types that present our ideas both structured and tinged ways and even crystallize them by their everyday acts, like  writers makes this when carefully work out novels or poems.SUBJECT of this book:Activities in accordance with our author's movement called WRITE AND ACT.


PROMOTION 1 (Pompton Lakes, NJ. Globe P. House 2010.) ISBN 978-963-88609-1-0. MOTTO of this book: Rather hard to accept that the evolution process can make anything with people, animals and plants. Hard to accept that it produces millions of monstrous creatures tearing to pieces and gobbling up each other. The Entire Living World is spoiled! People, animals, everything. But why let the human fate, and the fate of the entire living world to be dictated by the evolution process? We, the humans have to determine all the biological functions, all the organs, even each single cell!... SUBJECT of this book :  Changing the Living World.


PROMOTION 2 (Pompton Lakes, N.J. United States, Globe Publish House, 2010.)  ISBN 978-963-88609-2-7. MOTTO of this book: Sooner or later humankind  will develop in the space and on the planets artificial worlds. Many of these artificial worlds will work by those physical rules that the people will create. It means that they will work by our own rules: that will be independent of the natural rules, that will be independent of the rules of the entire Universe.We have a chance to live in an isolated world and then let the Universe circulate and move around itself, fully separated of us!... SUBJECT of this book: Changing the Non-Living World.






PROMISED LAND Feature film. Story follows a couple motives of a Sophocles tragedy, Oedipus in Colonus. CHARACTERS: Oedipus the old, Oedipus the young, Creon, others.  LOCATION:  Ancient Greece.  Written and directed by Zoltan Demme.  More about:


CRYPTOGRAMS (New World). Story follows the motives of Shakespeare play The Tempest. CHARACTERS: Prospero, Ariel, others. LOCATION: Mediterranean Sea, around 800 AD. Music by Wagner, Liszt, others.  Written and directed by Zoltan Demme. More about:


THE BEYOND (Subtitle: Trancendency TV Channel). Feature film. What is the essence of the world? A tv channel program makes searches on issue while presents many short movies connected to the issue.  Written and directed by Zoltan Demme. More about:


PROMETHEUS Story follows a couple of motives of Beethoven: Creatures of Prometheus. CHARACTERS: Prometheus, Inquisitors, Leprosy people. LOCATION: Dover Dungeon, England, 1121. Music by Beethoven. Written and directed by Zoltan Demme. More about:


GISELLE Story follows a couple of motives of an Adolph Adam ballet, Giselle. CHARACTERS: Young Teacher, Old Teacher, Giselle, others. LOCATION: White Night areas of Finland, 1930 AD. Music by Adolph Adam. Written and directed by Zoltan Demme. More about:


NUTS Story follows the motives of famous Pyotr Tchaikovsky ballet. CHARACTERS: Nutcracker, Scientists, Mermaids,  etc. LOCATION: Transcendent territories, galaxies, undersea worlds,etc.Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Written and directed by Zoltan Demme. TOWARDS A NEW WORLD series as all other movies above.






TYRANNY Dark Comedy in 2 acts. CHARACTERS: Her Grace Majesty Evolution as an ostrich, Bobby Big Bang lieutenant general, Tobias Death general, and others. LOCATION: Ruined Church, Italy, Europe. Around 1810 A.D. Age of the Napoleon wars. Running time approximately 1 hour 40 minutes, plus, one intermission.


SUPREME GOD (Subtitle: JUAN!...JUAAAAAN!!!) Dark Comedy, 2 acts. CHARACTERS: Qal, the Supreme God himself. Juan, poor mortal. LOCATION: Pig Farm, somewhere in Siberia, 17th century. Sheep Farm somewhere in the Caucasus, 20th century. Running time 1 hour 40 minutes, plus, one intermission.


SQUALOR (Subtitle: sfgahjkkklg qtkjfdkjj) Dark Comedy,  2 acts. CHARACTERS: Hector Diego Sebastian Gonzalves, Carlos Ramirez de Sentimente, Oliviere da   Silva, Reverend Buchelar, and others. LOCATION: A small South-American town in squalor, nowadays. Running time 2 hours 10 minutes, plus, one intermission.


EGO One man show, 2 acts.PRINCIPAL CHARACTER: Ego.LOCATION:Golgotha, Jerusalem.1 hour 30 minutes. TOWARDS A NEW WORLD series as all other plays above.






TORQUEMADA Opera in 3 acts. Story by Victor Hugo. Music and libretto by Zoltan Demme. CHARACTERS: Torquemada (Bass), Isabel (Soprano), King Ferdinand (Baritone), Gil de Fuentel (Baritone), Rosita (Soprano), Sancho (Tenor), Gucho (Tenor), Aragon de Salinas (Baritone), Ali Ahmed Hasszan (Baritone), Carmencita de Sevajo (Mezzo-soprano), Mozes Ben-Habib (Bass), Francesco de Paola (Bass), Burgos Bishop (Baritone), Pope VI. Alexander (Tenor). PERFORMER IN PROSE: Keeper of Sevilla Outdoor Museum. LOCATION: Spain and Italy around 1490 AD. Solely the libretto is published. Due to royalty rules, music is not available here.


MALAQI BUDDHA Opera in 3 acts. Story follows Rudyard Kipling's novels. Music and libretto by Zoltan Demme. CHARACTERS: Xong (Bass), Zinazaga, magician (Alto), Ghuthandali, the ruler of Quantarogan Island (Bass), Thamariki, Son of Ghuthandali , Malaqi Buddha later (Tenor), Xipanate, his wife (Mezzo-soprano), Qaloderiqqe, the leader of the Crown Counsel (Bass), Agaberenata, the leader of the Crown Treasury (Baritone), Thakinerati, Quantarogan young man (Tenor) Xuloshinate, Quantarogan lady (Soprano) Aratavasi, Qimerina, Thabilake, Quantarogan ladies (Soprano) Naxonipan, a pariah girl (Soprano). Khau, tropical tree (Soprano). LOCATION: Indochina Sea. Libretto is published, but due to royalties, music is not available here.TOWARDS A NEW WORLD series as the other opera above.






BARABBAS OF BIBLE Ballet in 2 acts. Music and libretto by Zoltan Demme. CHARACTERS: Jesus, Barabbas. DANCERS: Apostle Judas, Apostle Peter, Pontius Pilate, Herod the Great, Caiaphas, Humpbacked Trader, Innkeeper. GROUP DANCERS: Ruffians, Hitmen, Theives, Prostitutes, Soldiers, Guards, Jerusalem People. LOCATION : Where Jesus died, Jerusalem and surroundings. Solely the libretto is published. Due to royalty rules, music is not available here.


MOTHER CARAVAGGINA Ballet in 2 acts. Stories by Edgar Allen Poe. Music and libretto by Zoltan Demme. DANCERS: Ana, Diana, Liliana nayads, Carravaggina, their mother, Pest Plague King, a satyr, Mummy King, a satyr, Gnome King, a satyr, Sculptor of the Harem, a satyr, and, a Mother Flamingo. GROUP DANCERS: Flamingos, kidnappers, kid prostitutes, people in squalor, satyrs, nayads. Solely the libretto is published. Due to royalty rules, music is not available here.


TOM THUMB AND THUMBELINA (Subtitle: Ghillie Dhu) White ballet, 2 acts. Story by the Grimm brothers. Music and libretto by Zoltan Demme. DANCERS: Birch King, Birch Queen, Birchflower Princess (the little Thumbelina), Baroness Birchtrunk with Baron Birchbark, Birchroot, Birchsprig her sons, Birchlimb (the little Tom Thumb) her servant. GROUP DANCERS: Ghillie Dhu spirits, Penguins, Icebirds. Solely the libretto is published. Due to royalty rules, music is not available here.


UGLY DUCKLING Ballet in 2 acts for small child audience. Story by Hans Christian Andersen. Music and libretto by Zoltan Demme. DANCERS: Ugly Duckling, Mother Duck, Duck Majesty, Cock the King, His Grace The Turkey, Her Grace The Turkey Lady, Peacock Queen. GROUP DANCERS: Poultry, Wild Ducks, Migrant Birds, Wild Pigeons, Icebirds, Vultures, Swans.  Libretto is published, but due to royalties, music is not available here. TOWARDS A NEW WORLD series as all other ballets above.








History has two types of creative personalities. First, the specialist, who produced remarkable values and crystallized qualities as a result of a very closed concentration to one particular sphere only. Second, the polyhistor, who produced remarkable values and crystallized qualities as a consequence of rainbow scale activites, of interpenetrated applications of varied scientific and artistic experiences. Zoltan Demme belongs to this group. However, what is the basic path of his four decades long rainbow scale activity? It is the fronting and facing the tragic features of the human status. Confronting the death, the passage of time, the lifetime bondage to the same body and soul, and many other restrictive peculiarities of our status and situation. During the history, human life had been described by scientists, philosophers, other mastermind of mankind so often as a minute, insignificant, absurd occurence. Also, the human beings have been hit so frequently by discovering the futility of their lives, the final meaninglessness and  absurdity of activities. As Zoltan Demme thinks, it is high time to front those fatal factors that determine the general absurdity of our status and situation, to search for methods to cease them or to find ways to reduce their prescence and influence. At the end of his path varied models of New Worlds stand (Programme One, Promotion One). But beside the insignificancy and absurd characteristics of our status, the states and societies of us also generate many absurd events and occurences. E.g. famine, starvation, abuse of poor people, as absurdities of our economy. E.g. false propaganda, mass manipulation, miseducation, as absurdities of our culture. E.g. discrimination of people, restriction of people by obsolescent rules, as absurdities of our justice; and so on. Thus, knowing the fact that the influence of scientific and artistic creations are weakened in our age, knowing that to direct films, to compose operas, to conduct researches is not enough, Zoltan Demme began to form service groups and other organizations and he began to act practical way against absurd occurences and painful problems of our everyday world.  He does this parallel with composing, writing, researching, while at the end point of all his social activities varied models of  New Social Systems  appear  (Programme One).
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